Troupe CV

CV - Good Morning Apocalypse


2017 Toronto Fringe: Patron’s Pick (for “13 Ways the World Ends”)

2017 Culture Midland Awards: Emerging Talent Award

2017 72 Hour Horror Film Race, Best Acting Ensemble (for “The Beast”)

2017 48 Hour Film Challenge, 2017 Winners Shortlist             


2015 (Prior to forming)

December Movie Challenge: Being Kevin


April  22 Maple Valley Show

August Best Western Show

September Movie Challenge, Jess Silver

September Filmed: Say It With Pizza 3

October Town of Penetanguishene Wellness Show Day 1

October Town of Penetanguishene Wellness Show Day 2

November Movie Challenge: Fitting In

November Filmed, Pitching Picard

December Radioplay: Silent Heist


January Filmed: Good Night Peter

February 26 Trial By Fire Show

March 2 TOSketchfest: Sketch Monster

March 3 TOSketchfest: Show with Utilidors

March 4 TOSketchfest: Sketchubator

March 4 TOSketchfest: Show with H.U.N.K.S.

March 8 TOSketchfest: 4th Wall Breaker

March 11 TOSketchfest: Sketchubator 2

March 16 Lion’s Club Murder Mystery

March 17 Filmed: Feeding Kids

March 24 Lot 102 March show

Fashion Show

Wasaga Beach Film Fest

Movie Challenge: The Beast. Finalist

Movie Challenge: The Beast. Winner of Best Ensenble

Bryan Orser Hall show

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 1

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 2

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 3

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 4

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 5

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 6

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 7

Toronto Fringe Festival Show 8

Toronto Fringe Festival - Patron’s Pick

Film Challenge - Spoons

August: MCC Fundraising Show

September: 48 Hour Film Challenge

October: Penetang Museum Fundraiser

October: Georgian Bay Hospital Fundraiser

October 30: Haunted Huronia Premiere

November 14: MCC Awards Show - Winner of Emerging Talent Award

Nov 17: Bots and Brews MCing

Nov 24: Coal Patrol Show 1

Dec 4: Coal Patrol Show 2

Dec 15: Toronto Hip Hop Show

Film Challenge - the time travel one - “Reset”


Spoons shortlisted for award

Feb 7: Spoons Showing at Huronia Film Series

Feb 14: Bad Dates

Feb 25: Escape to L.A. Film Showing and Roundtable

March 2: Toronto Sketchfest 2018

March 7: Sketch on Vest of Friends Podcast

March 15: L.A. Trip

May 13: Mom Show

June 14-24: Ottawa Fringe

Oct: Night of the Laughing Dead with Old Dance Hall Players

Nov 5: Bev’s Murder Mystery

Judge on Culture Midland Awards 2018

Dec: All the Kringle Ladies